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Try Before You Buy!

Thank you for your interest in the NIA Northeast Houston's referral network and how we can help you to grow your business. The try before you buy offer, is an opportunity for you to try us and we to try you, to see if it's a good fit for us to work together over the next year.

This provisional membership is while we are in the building stage of our East Montgomery and Atascocita groups and expires once the groups are officially meeting live again. 
This offer is a two-way street, while you are “trying” NIA to see if it is a good fit for your business, we’re also “trying you out” to see if you will make a good member.


Here are some of the benefits of the “try before you buy” arrangement for your NIA membership.

  • You will complete your profile on the NIA website.

  • You will have 1-2-1s with fellow members to build relationships.

  • You will pass referrals when appropriate.

  • You agree to record a Zoom interview with Toni to help promote you on social media.

  • You will attend the first live meeting tentatively set for the 2nd week in June.

  • You will decide to join (or not) within 48 hours of our live meeting in June otherwise, you will no longer be a member and your category will be replaced.

  • At any time, you may pay the deposit to lock in your category until then, we may have multiple provisional members in the group in your category.

What Toni's Client's Have to Say...

Dena Hobbs lix.jpg

I highly recommend Toni! Toni is amazing coach and mentor. Toni is the best networking/marketing Coach and connects so many of us. Her professionalism is exceptional! First class.

Dena Hobbs-Lix

Multi-Million Dollar Realtor

Toni Harris Taylor comes highly recommended. Toni is full of energy and a wealth of knowledge. When she says she can get you connected, she means just that! She has inspired me to grow and if you are looking for growth personally and/or professionally, Toni is just the person to help you do it.

Roy Johnson

I help business owners reduce risk, reduce operating costs, increase proficiency, & increase profitability.

Cheryl Chinen.jpg

Toni Harris Taylor has taught me to take drastic steps and changes in my approach to my business! She is my secret weapon!! She has helped me understand the value of networks and taught me strategies for networking that have positively impacted my business. Toni knows how to connect people and has a passion for connecting those around her. If you aren’t working with Toni, you’re missing out!

Cheryl Chinen

Commercial Real Estate Agent

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