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Crowd Coaching

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 
- Maimonides

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The group entrepreneurial training program is designed to teach the budding entrepreneur to "fish" and lay the foundation and transform how you market and sell your business. This program creates powerful breakthroughs for your business and leaves you ready to execute the smartest and most profitable marketing and sales strategies for your business.

Here are some of the topics we cover to help you to grow your business: 

1.  Mindset and charging what you’re worth
2.  Goal setting and marketing planning
3.  Creating the right structure for your business
4.  Branding and messaging
5.  Define your target market and marketing dominating position
6.  How to create an attractive elevator pitch
7.  Networking strategies to build relationships and find strategic partners
8.  Social media relationship-building strategies
9.  Drip campaigns via email marketing and text message strategies
10. Develop a speaking topic to sell more
11. How to easily write a book to create credibility
12. Create your attractive, irresistible offer that your clients can’t refuse

What Toni's Client's Have to Say...

Carol Henderson.jpg

I highly recommend Toni Harris Taylor for all of your Coaching needs. She is very Knowledgeable in Multi-Markets. She is an Awesome Mentor, willing to help you get started in building your business. She cultivates Relationships. She is market-driven and a positive leader. She is determined to help you reach your full potential. She knows her business and she will work very hard to help you achieve your goals and build your business. I'm so thankful our paths crossed, I have complete confidence that my business will grow by being mentored by Toni. Thank you Toni for all that you do!

Carol Henderson

#1Top Leasing Lady

Toni is an excellent Coach and net-worker. She teaches you to be drastic and how to net-work in ways that will build relationships and lead to helping others and increase your business. She helps you think outside of the box and to be original. She can connect you with a lot of people in different types of businesses all over the world. I highly recommend her crowd coaching and NIA networking group.

Jaqueline Canada

Montgomery County Real Estate Specialist

Jacqueline Canada.jpg
Jamiece Spears.jpg

I went to a Launch & Learn with Toni in December. I felt inspired to take my business to a new level. With our group coaching I have learned to be a brand for myself, goal setting, and time management working IN and on my business. Toni gives you the tools & teaching and empowers you to grow your business. Thank you Toni, Visionary Affairs is taking DRASTIC steps under your coaching!

Jamiece Spears, Event Planner

I create amazing events!

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